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Texarkana Texas Dixie Baseball, part of District #3 in North Texas, began as one of the original Dixie franchises in the state of Texas and has been providing boys in our area the opportunity to build a lifetime of baseball memories ever since. In 2011, Texarkana Texas Dixie Baseball sent twelve All-Star teams to compete in Dixie All-Star Tournaments, with at least one team from each age reaching state level. We are proud of all of the talented ballplayers of our area and invite you to sign up to start building memories today!
Texarkana, Texas
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High School Eligible league
Texarkana, TX Dixie Baseball will offer a high school eligible league for students that will be in high school during the 2015-2016 year. This season will be played in June and July and will consist of a 16 game season- 8 doubleheaders- as well as insurance coverage for a cost of $900 per team. This cost will be at a loss for our organization as we are not offering this league to make money, but to hopefully benefit high school students that want to play some summer baseball. We will not be offering individual sign ups, rather we will just be accepting team sign ups. A team must have a roster of a minimum of 10 players with a maximum of 15 players. Please contact Zach Fowler at 903-278-3784 with any questions and to sign up your team.
· 5/8/2015 6:29:07 AM
Do you want to advertise your business in the park? Texarkana Dixie is providing you with an opportunity to display your company banner in the park. There are three options to choose from. Option #1 offers one 4x8 color banner displayed on one of the 6 fields at the Spring Lake Park-Swanger Complex - $400.00 for the season. $50.00 off each additional banner. Option #2 offers one 3x6 color banner displayed along the fence row as you come into the front gate of Swanger Complex - $300.00 for the season. Option #3 offers a 4x8 banners at all 6 fields, a 3x6 banner along the fence row coming into both the front and back entrance of the Swanger Complex, your logo displayed on the txkdixie.com website for the current season and a full page ad in our program for each state tournament we hosts during this season. - $2000.00 for the season. For more information contact Kevin Sutton at ksutton@cableone.net.
· 3/22/2015 2:30:07 PM


8 & Under 05/30/20159:00 AM Field #1Pirates Hurricanes Yes
8 & Under 05/30/201510:30 AMField #1Pirates Rough Riders Yes
8 & Under 05/30/20156:00 PM Field #1Rangers Ducks Yes
8 & Under 05/30/20154:30 PM Field #1Red Sox Brewers Yes
8 & Under 05/30/20153:00 PM Field #1Red Sox Orioles Yes
8 & Under 05/30/201511:30 AMBramlettRed Sox Ducks Yes
8 & Under 05/30/201512:00 PMField #1Brewers Sports Magic Yes
8 & Under 05/30/20152:30 PM BramlettRangers Rough Riders Yes
8 & Under 05/30/201510:00 AMBramlettRed Sox Razorbacks Yes
8 & Under 05/30/20151:30 PM Field #1Brewers Pirates Yes
8 & Under 05/30/20151:00 PM BramlettRough Riders Ducks Yes
10 & Under 05/30/20157:30 PM Field #2Twins Express Yes
10 & Under 05/30/20155:45 PM Field #2Twins Outlaws Yes
10 & Under 05/30/201510:45 AMField #2Orioles Twins Yes
10 & Under 05/30/20152:15 PM Field #2Longhorns Razorbacks Yes
10 & Under 05/30/20154:00 PM Field #2Express Outlaws Yes
10 & Under 05/30/20159:00 AM Field #2Twins Bulldogs Yes
10 & Under 05/30/201512:30 PMField #2Orioles Longhorns Yes
12 & Under 05/30/20152:15 PM Field #3Warriors Bulldogs Yes
12 & Under 05/30/201512:30 PMField #3Sox Bulldogs Yes
12 & Under 05/30/20157:30 PM Field #3Bulldogs Horned Frogs Yes
12 & Under 05/30/20155:45 PM Field #3Horned Frogs Knights Yes
12 & Under 05/30/20159:00 AM Field #3Pirates Braves Yes
12 & Under 05/30/201510:45 AMBramlettSox Braves Yes
12 & Under 05/30/20154:00 PM Field #3Warriors Knights Yes
2015 Official Dixie Rule Book Official rule book for the Dixie 2015 baseball season.
2015 Local Dixie Rule Book Texarkana, Texas Dixie local league rules.
2015 Dixie Age Chart The 2015 Dixie age chart will show you what league your child will participate in for the upcoming season.
2015 Dixie Approved Bat Listings The 2015 Dixie Youth Baseball approved bat listing.